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Feb 25 2014

Shakira Makes Love, The Universe Explodes In Her New Song, 'Empire'

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Shakira Makes Love, The Universe Explodes In Her New Song, ‘Empire’ Empress Shakira reigns supreme on her new track. Standing in stark contrast with the radio-friendly, Rihanna collabo “Can’t Remember To Forget You,” Shakira’s newest song, “Empire,” is a slow-building ballad leading up to one gloriously explosive climax. And yes, that’s a sexual double entendre. You can stop winking at us. Opening with a very Joanna Newsom-meets-Regina Spektor, piano-led intro, Shaki gently coos her way through the verse. Slowly, the “Voice” judge meanders her way into the chorus: “Like the empires of the world unite/ We are alive/ And the stars make love to the universe/ You’re my wildfire every single night.” Hear that? Shak’s lovemaking towers over man-made civilization AND Mother Nature combined. (#Gulp) Sure, some of the metaphors get a little “coffee machine in an office”-status obscure, but they’re just so damn earth-shakingly monumental! You can’t help but be overpowered by Shakira’s lyrical...

I've been waiting for the right voice to kick of Roctober.

Well my patience was rewarded, meet Gabbie Rae.

Gabbie Rae is an amazingly talented 17/18 year old rockin' songbird.

Gabbie Rae is a fast rising rock vocal phenom artist living in Los Angeles with plans to take over today’s rock world. A child of '80s rock loving, musician parents, Gabbie Rae first took the stage at age 7 at the famous JR’s Fastlane in Providence RI. She's been rocking the world professionally ever since. At age 12, she was already featured on VH-1’s "Best Week Ever",, and Her...

194 About 1 month ago

The makers of Angry Birds just gave Bejeweled a Shakira makeover Image: Mashable composite.Love Rocks starring Shakira

Just when you thought the wave of celebrity-created apps had passed, Shakira graces us with her own game.

In a conversation with Refinery29, she explains the story behind the app, Love Rocks starring Shakira, and also (FINALLY) settles the iPhone v. Android debate.

Love Rocks is no groundbreaking app. The singer teamed up with Rovio Entertainment, the team behind Angry Birds, to create what is basically another version of Bejeweled. Link matching gems and stones on a grid to accumulate points and make it...

2 sources About 1 month ago

Sangre Cita, Dënver
Precordillera, Chile
Rating: 93

as we were masticating through its second single, the ebullient “Mai Luv”. We were still processing first single “Los Vampiros” (On first listen: did I click on the wrong song? Is this even Dënver? What happened to Milton Mahan’s silvery vocals? Those inconsolable piano touches sound like Dënver but is Milton even on this track?), still contemplating its b-side, “Noche Profunda”. We could have been given “El Fondo Del Barro”, a track that had already been making the rounds on tour and would have allowed devotees to better assimilate Dënver’s transition from...

169 About 1 month ago

Joseph Chiliams f/ Swizzle Mclovin – Party Life

Pretty sure it’s illegal in all 50 states to dislike a song featuring a guy named Swizzle Mclovin. Actually, I just looked it up and it is.

Also, Joe’s write ups are always better than mine, so it’s at this moment that I pass the pen to Mr. Chilliams. Welcome to the party life. If you’re feelin low, we got to see the glow. Head into the party life…

Joseph Chilliams and Swizzle have gone to many a house party in their lives and there’s always that one moment when the lights go out and two piece...

163 About 1 month ago

Shakira says she’s always liked games, but in moderation.

“I have two kids, a career and a man that takes a lot of my attention and time,” the Colombian star told Billboard.

Even so, she couldn’t resist the lure of creating her own game, especially after playing hubby Gerard Pique’s own fantasy soccer game, which, she says, is “very, very good.”

Watch Shakira Perform 'Imagine' for the Pope at the United Nations

Now, Piqué is getting to play Shakira’s Love Rocks, which launched Thursday (Oct. 15) through Angry Birds game maker Rovio and is available for Android and Apple.

Love Rocks features love, jewels...

197 About 1 month ago

HBO has announced their upcoming documentary, The Latin Explosion: a New America, directed and produced by Matthew O’Neill and Jon Alpert (the duo who made the four-Emmy-award-winning HBO doc, Baghdad Er). Major music executive Tommy Mottola (who served as EP on the film) said in a statement that the film, which focuses on Latino music’s influence on American culture as a whole, boasts “the largest array of Latino superstars ever in a film.” 

The statement is indeed substantiated by the actual list of names dropped in the press release, including Marc Anthony, Emilio Estefan Jr., Gloria Estefan, José Feliciano, Eva Longoria, George Lopez, Jennifer Lopez, Los Lobos, Cheech...

211 About 2 months ago