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Feb 25 2014

Shakira Makes Love, The Universe Explodes In Her New Song, 'Empire'

Reblogged from - By John Walker

Shakira Makes Love, The Universe Explodes In Her New Song, ‘Empire’ Empress Shakira reigns supreme on her new track. Standing in stark contrast with the radio-friendly, Rihanna collabo “Can’t Remember To Forget You,” Shakira’s newest song, “Empire,” is a slow-building ballad leading up to one gloriously explosive climax. And yes, that’s a sexual double entendre. You can stop winking at us. Opening with a very Joanna Newsom-meets-Regina Spektor, piano-led intro, Shaki gently coos her way through the verse. Slowly, the “Voice” judge meanders her way into the chorus: “Like the empires of the world unite/ We are alive/ And the stars make love to the universe/ You’re my wildfire every single night.” Hear that? Shak’s lovemaking towers over man-made civilization AND Mother Nature combined. (#Gulp) Sure, some of the metaphors get a little “coffee machine in an office”-status obscure, but they’re just so damn earth-shakingly monumental! You can’t help but be overpowered by Shakira’s lyrical...

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